About Us

Real Infotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. is a core Consulting and IT services company, having in depth experience in Consulting,Designing, Developing and Securing LAN and WAN Networks.
Established in 1999, The Company has been promoted by highly experienced Professionals dedicated to provide end to end IT solutions under one roof. It possesses not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experience hands to offer most user friendly customized solutions. Our Company provides high quality on site services for the end users on a broad range of platforms, System & Application Integration and latest technologies.
Within the first year of its operations, Real Infotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. has carved a niche for itself in the IT industry and has increased its business by acquiring some major domestic projects.
Businesses turn to Our Company to ensure that IT can add value to their business, through outsourcing their IT infrastructure. Internal IT departments can focus on projects that help the company grow or become more efficient. Our values are fundamental to our success. They are the foundation of our company, define who we are and set us apart from the competition. They emphasize our vision of the future, our business strategies and our decisions, actions and behaviors. We live by them.

Customer Centricity:

We believe in maintaining focus on our customers, giving them utmost priority, striving to exceed their expectations in terms of the value and quality of service


We strive to meet all commitments made by us to our Internal and External customers, in terms of best value for money

Value - Selling:

We strive to provide the customer with services that not only meet his demands but add value to the customer’s business


We believe in continually apply intelligence, reason and technology to our work and environment. This will allow us to take informed risks and evolve new ideas to improve our business as well as the community


We believe that we must give fellow colleagues the opportunity and freedom to think and act in ways that will allow them to get the job done, and yet be consistent with the processes laid down


We believe that all our employees must possess sincerity in their approach at every instance of their jobs


We must foster an environment wherein we can efficiently utilize the abilities of all team members to achieve team goals, keeping the big picture in mind


We believe in offering each service to our customer with impeccable quality

Brand Image:

We believe that each employee of the company should imbibe the core values of the company, creating a significant brand image about the company, amongst all partners and customers, during each interaction or service transaction

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